Bathroom Furniture

tuxedo vanity vanico maronyx

Tuxedo Contemporary Vanity

Tuxedo is a perfect choice for anyone who wants great style and convenient storage. This Furniture is made by Canadian families, with generations of talent and skill. The furniture has your family name on the order, making it personal to the hands that build, paint and package each piece. Choose from an large selection of paint colours and wood options, or customize it further with any colour you can imagine. With many sizes and configurations to choose from, the Tuxedo will be personal and custom for your space.

Neolito Vanico Maronyx


The Neolito is for anyone who loves clutter free living while maximizing storage and function. Made with Canadian hands and thoughtfully designed, it will make use of every inch of your space. You choose the material, the size and the features that are important to the way you live. Features include lower towel storage, clothes hamper, drawer dividers and many other conveniences. Neolito will transform your bathroom into a organized, functional and personalized space.



The Gala was designed for both sophistication and function. This furniture is made in Canada with features like colour matched inset finger pulls and drawer dividers that are standard. This customizable furniture can be personalized to fit your specific tastes and style. Choose a wood for the drawers and colour for the legs for a truly customized design.