Our showroom is a place to dream and plan,

But the home is where real life unfolds.

Where our messiest moments are spent in comfort and in style.

At GreenSlade - we specialize in offering custom kitchen, bath and millwork design solutions for your ideal home. From small scale renovations to new builds, our goal is to make great design accessible and achievable for everyone – to create beautifully personal spaces for uncomplicated living. Our work is collaborative as we work closely with our clients and trades to bring a distinct vision to life. We provide in house, full scale, kitchen and bath design with 3D renderings that allow you to see your project come to life before you even begin!



 We believe that design should respond to all of life’s moments - to cookie crumbs, wet bathing suits, remnants of home cooked favourites and beautiful memories with those we share life with. Our homes should invite surfaces that are meant to be used, handles to be touched and worn, materials and textures to be remembered, and spaces for us to naturally gather together.  



“A home is a place to share, create and nourish the best in each of us as individuals and as a family.  Design is one of the finest means to accomplish this.”


- Eve Robinson

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